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Social Deception Weigh Me Down

Social Deception
Published on 08 Aug 2020 / In Music

Original song and music video by Matthew Oldboy Stoddard AKA Social Deception.
It’s not about my feelings,It’s not about your hurt,It’s not about the hearts,Been left in dirt,It’s not about the future,It’s not about the past,It’s all about the present,And if I come last,It’s not about the money,Or lack thereof,In our poverty,We push we shove,It’s not about the guilt,Not about the lies,Not about the neighbors,And their midnight cries,4x Weigh me down, too much pressureIt’s all about alone,It’s all about the lost,It’s all about the ones,Who paid the highest cost,It’s about the forgotten,The left behind,It’s about the people,Who lost their mind,4x Weigh me down, too much pressureIt’s not about the secrets,It’s about the hurt,It’s not about authority,That we subvert,It’s about the honesty,It’s about the truth,It’s about the casualties, of our lost youth.4x Weigh me down, too much pressure

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