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Rig Rundown - GWAR's Balsac the Jaws of Death and Pustulus Maximus [2014]

Published on 07 Jun 2020 / In Music

Article and photos:

GWAR was gracious enough to let Premier Guitar sit down and talk with their human servants, Brent Purgason and Mike Derks, who know a few things about the rigs of the aliens Pustulus Maximus and Balsac the Jaws of Death. Before Nashville was covered in fake blood and sweat, we were “allowed” to talk to the guys about the trials and tribulations of keeping guitars and gear in working order under such hellacious conditions.

Purgason plays his signature Blakhart model, the Whargoul Pustulus Maximus. Even though the guitar takes a beating every night, Purgason says he’s only had to make minor adjustments. His guitars are strung with .010-.046 D’Addario sets.

The stage is packed with props, but Purgason’s amps and cabs are cleverly hidden in set carts to prevent damage. His rig is fairly simple: a pair of 4-channel Engl E530 tube preamps and a 6L6-powered Engl 850/100 tube power amp running through a blood-soaked Krank 4x12 cab.

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