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Megadeth Country Polka Bossanova nova Version

Andy Rehfeldt
Published on 08 Aug 2020 / In Music

Music created and performed by me, Andy Rehfeldt.

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MrSugarballs 1 month ago

Oh man the ending almost fucking killed me. Literally. I almost fucking choked to death,

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admin 1 month ago

Holy Shit! I mean Holy Wars! Shit!

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Dick 1 month ago

Jesus Christ. What's this? I'm confused. But I'm somehow happy. WTF is going on here? Did I miss something?

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Rokk Starr
Rokk Starr 1 month ago

What the fuck did you do to Megadeth and why the fuck didn't you do it sooner? Holy Shit this is AMAZING.

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AbstractBear 1 month ago

This is pure fucking GOLD!

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