How do you choose the winners of the contests?

Our esteemed panel of judges will choose some and you the viewers will also choose some, depending on the contest.

I want to place an ad, how do I do that?

Email advertising@rockstarunderground.com

Our prices are super good.

How can I make money on here?

Monetize your channel and upload good content. You will get paid everytime someone clicks on an ad while watching your videos. You may also getc paid just for a view of the ad even without a click although the rate is much less per impression than per click.

I want to give lessons, where do I sign up?

Just upload your instructional video and tag it with #lessons or #guitar Lessons. If you are good people will like it and will subscribe to your channel. vIf they don't, don't give up, keep at it!

How many times can I enter?


How do I enter?

Simply create a profile and upload a short video of you playing within the guidelines of whatever contest you enter and TAG the video with the contest name and you're in!

What is the prize for winning?

At this point, Pride and Self Respect. In the future, once we have a partner in place we hope to give away a guitar a day, strings, picks, straps, hats, t-shirts etc.... We're looking at you Sam Ash! Or Sweetwater. Or GC.

How many contests are there?

We will have many contests going on all the time. We basically have the main events with a bunch of qualifier contests around it. So if you do well in a qualifier contest you might find yourself in the main event at the end of the year! You only have to win ONE qualifier to advance!

Do I have to be really good to enter a solo contest?

Nope. The whoile point of ther contest is to make you better and give you short term goals. You will compete asgainst other players in the same skill level as you so even if you stink, you might win a contest!

Is this website only for music videos?

Kind of. Music related videos is maybe more accurate. You can put your cat videos here as long as you have some original music playing on it.