Why Rockstar Underground?

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Why should you use Rockstar Underground for your videos?

Because F$#! YouTube that's why!

I'm only half kidding. Yeah, at the moment rocksta underground may not look like much and I still have days worth of work to do but one day it will be the biggest music oriented website in the world. Mark my words. BIGGEST IN THE WORLD


We are starting off by throwing the worlds largest guitar solo contest. We will have a drum solo contest like bnever before seen and the biggest Battle of the Bands you can imagine. 

Every contest will inclusde dozens of mini contests and obstables and challenges to make it through which will ensure that our members will constantly improve and reach short term goals and milestones.

We know of no other site that offers lessons, contests, classifieds, reviews, a social app for androids and iPhones, a store, a place where you can write your own articles, a platform you can use to rent and sell your videos, charge for subscription to your page, purchase dirt cheap ad space to promote you music and so much more.

Rockstrtar Underground is truly going to be the shite. 

Mark my Words.

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