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  1. Andy Freaking Rehfeldt
    You may not know it yet but yes, I can assure you that you have heard Andy Rehfeldt's music before. You've had his videos shared by your friends who thought it was hilarious the way Mariah Carey sang Christmas songs Death Metal style. is music on the show you were watching or on a commercial during the show. We interview
  2. Man's Worst Day
    2 years ago they hit #9 in the world on Reverbnation for Metal bands. It seemed like every other day a new song was being dropped and we're talkig about some pretty badass tunes. We caught up with lead/Singer/ Guitarist Bruce McLaughlinto see just what the hell happened..
  3. The Chimpz
    The Chimpz. You know, that rap metal band from L.A. with the songs on "Sons of Anarchy. The guys have shake it up over the past couple of years, losing an MC here and gaining a legitimate shred monster on the guitar and all without missing a beat. We talk to a couple of the gyuys about the past and the future of the Chimpz
  4. The Earth is Flat?
    You don't have to tell us how stupid that sounds. We said the same thing. But WHY did we say the same thing? Why does EVERYONE outright dismiss it as complete horseshit when not a single one of us have ever actually seen the curve of the earth?
  5. Megadeth>Metallica
    To the casual fan this statement seems as ridiculous as the last headline about you know, the flat earth...But just as in the scenario we again find ourselves getting comfortable behind what may seem to the untrained ear a ludicrous statement. It is what it is, true..
  6. Children of the Cornbread
    Don't call them metal and don't say they suck. Why? Because you can't. Sure, they play a few primus songs better than Primus themselves and yeah, they might have a song about picking your face but does n't everyone? Come on, everyone knows Primus sucks! COTC are more than happy to let them keep their legendary tagline.